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About Us


PhotoSpade LLC located here in the state of Connecticut which is part of a "Multicultural Green Initiative" geared towards launching a Multicultural Sustainable Social Network, as we are at the beginning stages of developing our desktop, native and mobile apps via thru our own algorithms(codes). 

What you about to join is a eMag-social-network, in support of of our physical Photospade Magazine, due to be released in the near future. I thank you for consumer demanding Photospade's many divisions and subdivisions online-2-offline, business-2-business and comunity-2-community. I am highly appreciative for your time, so feel free at creating groups, topics, polls and articles of your own on within our network as we move forward through each pitch-marketing phase. Photospade for now is empowered by Mighty Networks up until we relaunch using our own algorithms (codes). 

Our goal is to develop a Dynamic-Multicultural-Consumer-Demand-Social-Network that captures the attention of multi-ethnic individuals and families wanting to join a multicultural-green-network, but wish to retain individuality and diversity from potential members operating Photospade's many social eMarketing timelines and interactive features. (I was inspired by Dr. Kristina B. Hilton phenomenal thesis to state Photospade as a "Dynamic" multicultural social network). 

My goal for Photospade is for it to become a leading sustainable social network and we will use the power of the Arts & Entertainment, performance-paying-green-career opportunities and the latest advancing technologies to socially attract potential members to join a cohesive-multicultural-social-network to hopefully inspire you continue living green or consider evolving green.

Our mission is to inspire non-profit organizations, the Arts & Entertainment and leading blue / white collar industries at creating and using more compostable ( biodegradable ) products and ecofriendly services, at hopes of protecting human life and restoring our environment. 

Our core initiative is to empower Photospade through philanthropy and ethical economics online-2-offline to support sustainable consumer-demanders and those interested living a sustainable lifestyle, but could use some guidance and advancing technological resources at "Going-Green" more efficiently.

Why You Should Join Us

Communities with more art tend to have stronger economies. The arts attract more visitors, residents, and businesses, which brings more money into the community. The arts also create more opportunity for connection among community members.             ~ [ ThriveMovement.com ]

Again Moguldom.com states, "Multicultural consumers lead the way in effective years of buying power..." because the median age of multicultural consumers are younger, they have more years to buy stuff."

Once we've launched off our active-prototype eMag social network  you would possess fractional ownership of your content, be given more transparency concerning your intellectual properties and have option of transferring your personal data to a storage place of your choosing.   

Finding new ways in creating eco-friendly opportunities for you online-2-offline would definitely give Photospade divisions and sub-divisions a strong presence online-2-offine year in year out.

Besides launching sustainable Arts & Entertainment social initiatives, our other highly important multicultural-green-initiative would be, for Photospade to help bring about social, economical, an environmental change for millions who have been affected by unjust laws pertaining to the manufacturing and production of Commercial Hemp and Medical Marijuana within America & U.S. Territories.

We are using the power of the Arts, Entertainment and Grassroots to help end a 80 year old bias stigma which was shamefully placed upon these two amazing cousin plants that possess history-breaking medicinal properties and I'm extremely proud of that. 

Our goal is to make sure you benefit from the many awesome green products that can be created from industrial hemp's fiber, oils and food products from hemp-seeds and bio-fuel from its stalk.

As we reach economical growth Online-2-Offline, Business-2-Business, Business-2-Community and Community-2-Community, we will reach out to millions more globally where laws permit, in any area or region where Green-Consumers-Demand.

A Big Thanks

Hi I'm Ty Williams, a new-born entrepreneur, Digital-Film / Multi-Media creator, Owner and Founder of PhotoSpade aka-Consumer Demand Social Network, sametime our "Multicultural Sustainable Social Network". 

PhotoSpade divisions and subdivisions I'm launching in hopes of creating more "GREEN" performance-paying careers for those within the Arts & Entertainment Industries, Horticulture & Wellness Industries, Tech and other white /blue-collar Industries.

Our "Opinion-Access Consumer-Demand Social-Network" we're launching to inspire and support "We the EcoFriendly People" to continue living a sustainable lifestyle to help protect human life, our environment, and hopefully inspire others Go-Green, but more importantly; use our Natural Resources and Advancing Technologies as eTools online-2-offline to help restore America's disenfranchised, multicultural communities.

Thanks for joining our network and thanks for showing patience on our active-prototype, "Waiting List" app as we began building our desktop, native and mobile apps. Stay plugged for it will definitely be managed and operated by ecofriendly people with you on their minds Online-2-Offline, Business-2-Business, Business-2-Community and Community-2-Community.

Again, thanks for joining!


Ty Williams  { Founder & Owner of PhotoSpade LLC }

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